We live to make fitness fun, one class at a time

Welcome to Focus Martial Arts. A community based program in which children, teens, and adults train in various martial arts styles to improve their physical and mental skills. No matter what background you have; child, young athlete, professional, or every day parent build your confidence and technique though our 45 minute "Focus" program."

Experts at their craft. Our Focus Team

Khalfani Porter


Khalfani is a husband and father of 3 who has been training in martial arts since 1996. He's been awarded with multiple state and national awards with 1st place titles in sparring, forms, and weapons. He's a motivational speaker and bully prevention expert working closely with Piscataway and Plainfield school districts. During his free time you can catch him with his family who are also involved in improving the community. Khalfani always had the vision of opening his own martial arts studio since he was a small child. With dedication and the support of his family his life long dream has become a reality.

Jennifer Cruz

Program Director

Jennifer Cruz is a 19 year old, grad from 2022, varsity swimming and JV volleyball. She is looking forward to being a freshman at RVCC for automotive technology. She's always been passionate about cars especially sports cars dealing with stick shifts and etc. She's focused the development and grown of every member apart of our programs.

Jack Zhang

Head Instructor

Jack Zhang is an Asian American visual artist whose creative journey is as vibrant as his artwork. From an early age, he found his passion not only in the world of art but also in the discipline of martial arts. Jack started at the age of 6 and dedicated himself to the practice of taekwondo, achieving a 2nd-degree black belt. With a keen eye for aesthetics cultivated through his martial arts training. Jack is driven by a profound life mission: to make a positive impact on the lives of the youth. Drawing from his martial arts background, he understands the transformative power of discipline, dedication, and mentorship. Jack strives to inspire the next generation, guiding them towards a future filled with creativity, resilience, focus.

Neil Amin

Studio Manager

Neil Amin, a shining star in the realm of martial arts in which he embarked on his journey in 2001. Fueled by a burning passion for the discipline he kept training and stayed consistent to receiving his 1st degree in 2005. With unwavering dedication, he has ascended the ranks to attain the esteemed 3rd-degree black belt, a testament to his skill and mastery. Beyond his prowess on the mat, Neil's remarkable athleticism has earned him the status of a star athlete, consistently showcasing his remarkable physical prowess. Yet, it's not just his physical abilities that set him apart; his great personality and sterling character have endeared him to peers and mentors alike. Neil's journey exemplifies the perfect fusion of athletic prowess, personal growth, and unwavering spirit that defines a true martial artist.